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Our Conference

LIVE At Johns Hopkins APL

7:30 AM             Registration Opens

8:30 AM             Opening Ceremonies

Welcome Presentations
Honor Guard Presentation of Colors
National Anthem- Jennifer Williams


8:45 AM                     KEYNOTE

Daniel W. McCoy, Deputy Fire Chief, DC FIRE/EMS Homeland Security and Special Operations

McCoy will lead the event with a conversation regarding how DC Fire/EMS prepares and responds to large scale, high profile public events, noting the January 6, 2021 events. 

10:30 AM     Morning Break out sessions

Room numbers will be announced the day of the event

Workshop AM A: Conducting Remote Inspections
James "Robbie" Dawson, Southeast Regional Director, National Fire Protection Association
Remote virtual inspections, NFPA 915 Standard for Remote Inspections

Workshop AM B: Pawsitive Interactions with Service Dogs During Response Operations©,
Charlotte Stasio, Director of Operations, Griffin, LLC

Topics covered will be ADA, training and handling of service dogs, best practices for responders. Service dog Noni will be a part of this presentation.

Workshop AM C: Make Positive Changes that Stick! Learn the Science of Habits:
Karen F. Deppa, MAPP, Principal, PilotLight Resilience Resources, LLC
Michael A. Donahue, Ph.D., Principal, PilotLight Resilience Resources, LLC

Some goals require repeated behaviors in the form of habits in order to achieve success.  Drawing on the science of habit formation, facilitators Karen Deppa and Mike Donahue will describe the factors that work together to form and reinforce habits and offer actionable, research-backed strategies to create new productive habits and break unwanted habits. The session includes activities for applying the concepts at the individual, department, and community levels. 

Workshop AM D: ABC's of Escape Planning:
Jennifer Williams, Senior Content Specialist, Fire Safety Research Institute

Fire safety messaging has historically encouraged the public to create a fire escape plan that includes two ways out of every room, but never discusses what to do if they can't get out. With three minutes or less to escape a fire, the public may not always be able to get out safely in time. This session will cover ways to include closed door messaging into escape planning and the importance of having a Plan A, B, and C (for when you can't get out).

12:00 PM                    Lunch

Acknowledgements of Vendors and Sponsors
Presentation of the John C. Spiker Award


12:30 PM               Lunch KEYNOTE

Stephen Hrustich, MS, EFO, CFO, FM, MIFireE
Project Manager, Vision 20/20

Room numbers will be announced the day of the event

1:30 PM     Afternoon Break out sessions

Workshop PM A: What is a Fire Adapted Community
Faith Berry, Fire Program Specialist, United States Fire Administration

A Fire-Adapted Community (FAC) collaborates to identify its wildfire risk and works collectively on actionable steps to reduce its risk of loss. This work protects property and increases the safety of firefighters and residents. Creating a FAC is a part of the National Cohesive Wildfire Management Strategy to keep communities safer during a wildfire event.

Workshop PM B: Food Trucks
Mat Chibbaro, Fire Marshal, National Institute of Health (Maryland State Fire Marshals Committee)
Steve Davis, Assistant Fire Marshal, National Institute of Health,
(Clinical Research Center’s primary inspector and agency’s primary fire investigator)

Presentation will describe the codes that apply to food trucks and trailers, the expected COMAR amendments, the specific features and systems required in these vehicles, and the experience at the National Institutes of Health, where food trucks were brought in daily to make up for closed cafeterias during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Workshop PM C: Fire Code Update
Kenneth Bush, Chief Fire Protection Engineer, Office of the Maryland State Fire Marshal

Workshop PM D: 13D Fire Sprinkler Systems
Roland Asp, Manager of Codes and Standards, National Fire Sprinkler Association

NFPA 13D, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems in One- and Two-Family Dwellings and Manufactured Homes.

3:00 PM                Adjournment

In order to receive a certificate for attendance you will receive information at the event on how to complete a survey.  Once the survey is complete you will receive the certificate.

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