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Presented at the Mid-Atlantic Life Safety Conference

 JOHN C. SPIKER, SR. dedicated fifty- two years of fire service in Anne Arundel County, serving in both a volunteer and career capacity.  He was a great asset to the fire service.  Mr. Spiker served as the AACVFA Fire Prevention Chairperson and was the driving force behind the acquisition of Anne Arundel County’s first Fire Safety House. John was an advocate for fire prevention educational programs.  In addition, he was instrumental in the installation of smoke alarms for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing citizens of Anne Arundel County and the surrounding areas.  The Mid-Atlantic Life Safety Committee unanimously voted to rename the Excellence in Life Safety Educator of the Year Award in honor of JOHN C. SPIKER, SR. 

Submission Requirements

  • Submit using the below link, details describing how your nominee meets or exceeds the nominee requirements.  In addition, provide answers to each of the following questions listed below.  Attach any supporting materials, i.e., newspaper articles, educational brochures/handouts/flyers and pictures to the Committee, nominating one (1) individual or (1) group as the awardee(s).

  1. Why does this nominee deserve special recognition as the JOHN C. SPIKER, SR. Excellence in Life Safety Educator of the Year?

  2. How successful is the fire and/or life safety program? (Include achieved outcomes, statistics, behavior changes from the public and the organization)

  3. What innovative approach is used by this nominee?

  4. Identify the leadership skills this nominee has shown

  5. What obstacles or challenges if any, has this nominee encountered, and how were they handled?

Nomination Requirements

Nominees are being sought for the prestigious JOHN C. SPIKER, SR. Excellence in Life Safety Educator of the Year Award 2023, to be announced at the Free Virtual 62nd Annual Mid-Atlantic Life Safety Conference, Tuesday, September 19, 2023.

Nominees should possess the following:

Three (3) or more years of experience in public fire and/or life safety;

Significant contributions in fire and/or life safety programs, which identifies measurable achieved outcomes;

Serves communities within the Mid-Atlantic area;

An employee, member or volunteer, in good standing; with a fire, emergency medical service, police, health, educational, government, or other related field organizations;

Individual and or group nominations are accepted.

Award Committee Contact


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