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Tony Rodkey

Countryside Fire Protection District

Creating Partnerships with Customer Service

Tony Rodkey, 32 years of service, 24 as full-time Firefighter/Paramedic, current Fire & Life Safety Director, Fire Investigator, SRT Hazmat Technician with Master’s Degree. 2009 Illinois Fire Safety Alliance Award winner for YouTube Video program, 2010 Chamber of Commerce Community Service Award, 2010 Employee of the Year, 2016 NFPA Rising Star & 2016 National Schools Public Relations Association Merit Award recipient. Illinois Fire Inspector’s 2017 Fire & Life Safety Educator of the Year. Last year 2022, the Illinois Office of State Fire Marshal recognized Tony with the State Fire Prevention & Life Safety Bugle. Grant recipient from National Gasoline Safety Project and Illinois Department of Transportation. Tony teaches and is the Public Fire & Life Safety Educator Course Coordinator for the Illinois Fire Inspector's Association and he teaches the Community Risk Reduction section for the Chief Fire Officer course through the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association. Tony has motivated others around the United States as a Conference Speaker in Colorado, Illinois, Oregon, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Tony Rodkey
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