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Todd Iaeger

AHJ Education Specialist / Alarm System Auditor

Building & Life Safety Technologies, UL Solutions

Overview and interaction with Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement Systems (ERCES) & Fire Alarm Systems Compliance ~ NFPA 72: Chapter 26: Supervising Station Alarm Systems

Todd joined UL in 2016 as an AHJ Education Specialist / Alarm System Auditor upon retiring from the fire service after serving 27 years in Pennsylvania and North Carolina as a police officer, firefighter/EMT and fire marshal. Todd has extensive experience in many disciplines associated with the Fire Service, built environment, and Community Risk Reduction and holds certifications in building and fire code inspection and fire investigation. He has been an Adjunct Instructor at the National Fire Academy and has presented training courses nationwide and contributed to publications related to Building and Fire Code Enforcement, Administration of Code, Fire Protection Systems, Code Enforcement Technology, Fire Investigation, Evidence Collection, Expert Witness Courtroom Testimony, Courtroom Testimony for Code Officials, and Fire Investigations Involving Fire Protection Systems. He represents UL on NFPA Technical Committees 950, 1031, & 1033. Todd works remotely from the suburban Philadelphia region.

Todd Iaeger
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