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Sgt. Travis Nelson

Co-Chair of Maryland Active Assailant Interdisciplinary Work Group

Maryland State Police

Resources for Active Assailant Prevention, Preparedness & Response

Sergeant Travis Nelson is currently the commander of the Complex Operations Management Unit, part of the Special Operations Division of the Maryland State Police. This unit is responsible for oversight, management and planning of complex incidents and events, to include the 2023 Gubernatorial Inauguration, 2022 truck convoy and Maryland law enforcement support to the District of Columbia and the US Capitol Police during January 6, 2021. The Complex Operations Management Unit also oversees preparedness and prevention of incidents with large scale impacts, such as those involving weapons of mass destruction (events with Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive materials) or mass casualties. He is detailed as a liaison officer to the Maryland Department of Emergency Management (MDEM) and coordinates resources, management and response of law enforcement during a crisis. Travis serves as the co-chair for the Maryland Active Assailant Interdisciplinary Workgroup and works with the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical System Services (MIEMSS) to lead a statewide effort to provide guidance for all responders to hostile events. He also co-chairs the Crisis Scene Collaboration Work Group with MIEMSS to address the multi-disciplinary response to incidents involving agitated individuals. He is the former chair of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Complex Coordinated Attack Working Group, member and former chair of the Region III Advisory Council for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and supports several other committees and groups in Maryland. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sgt. Nelson served as the primary coordinator of law enforcement operations and led the prevention task force which oversees compliance and enforcement of public health orders. Prior to assignment in 2013, he was assigned to MEMA as a regional liaison officer, MSP Special Events Unit, MSP Human Resources Division and MSP Centreville Barrack. Travis is the former Director of Career Services at the Kent & Queen Anne’s Rescue Squad in Chestertown, MD and was a certified medic, rescue diver and firefighter. He previously worked for Kent County 9-1-1, Queen Anne’s County 9-1-1 and Queen Anne’s County EMS.

Sgt. Travis Nelson
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