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Richard Sexton

Training and Exercise Specialist

National Fire Academy

Using Simulations and VR/AR Technology to Promote Safer Operations and Training

Richard Sexton came to the National Fire Academy after a very a successful and diverse career at the local, state and federal level. He started in public safety at the age of 14 as a junior firefighter and matured to serve in many positions leading to the Director of Public Safety, Assistant Fire Chief and Chief of Police. He has enjoyed and been very successful on a diverse career path including Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement experience. He continues to volunteer and serves on a regional task force currently. Coming to the federal government as a training specialist at FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute, he has overseen, developed and managed several curriculum areas as well as deployed to numerous national and international incidents and events. He later moved into the role of a training and exercise specialist and has well over 1600 exercises to his credit, Mr. Sexton has developed and supported national and international level exercises to include work with the Department of Defense within the Southern, Northern, and Central Commands with numerous international projects to build capabilities and partnerships. He developed a program for and teaches at the FBI National Academy as well as an exercise-based program for the United States Secret Service. Mr. Sexton came to the National Fire Academy in 2017 and is currently in the Response and Special Operations Branch. He oversees the USFA Simulation Center, the Incident Command and Coordination curriculum, and NIMS related courses. He also oversees the development and delivery of the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) Type 3 All-Hazards Incident Management Team (AHIMT) training curriculum and sits on numerous national level committees. His curriculum area is the most attended and has been recognized internationally for its contributions to successful outcomes at several incidents and disasters. He is active within the organization by deploying to numerous disasters and in his community by continuing to volunteer as well as serving on a local type 3 IMT.

Richard Sexton
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