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Faith Berry

Fire Program Specialist

U.S. Fire Administration

What is a Fire Adapted Community, and how can I support one at the local level?

Faith Berry has served as a firefighter, park ranger and assistant park manager working on landscape

restoration projects including prescribed fire and selective tree harvesting. She has also served as a

structure firefighter, fire prevention officer, a Fire Safe Council coordinator for the San Diego County

Resource Conservation District, a Firewise and Fire-Adapted Community ambassador and then project

manager for the National Fire Protection Association, and as a Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

manager which is a national grass roots campaign that encourages residents to take steps to improve

their wildfire safety. She has written research papers about wildfire safety including one about how

youth can be change agents for wildfire safety. She is currently working as a fire program specialist for

the U.S. Fire Administration on developing tools and resources for the fire service and other emergency

responders featured on the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) webpages and on WUI research projects.

Faith Berry
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